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Art Photography By R John Ferguson

Press release is used with permission and the courtesy of Agora Art Gallery Chelsea District of New York, NY. By: Amanda Aaron

R. John Ferguson is an award-winning photographer with a variety of interests that capture the surreal echoes in our world. Within his body of work we can find landscapes featuring divine moments of interplay between light, mist, and natural forms, as well as majestic figural studies. Each 35mm film photograph is finely crafted with attention to lighting, clarity, and cropping. Ferguson allows the unexpected to influence the picture, as nature puts its fingerprint on his work in the form of halos of light, craggy tree limbs, or drifting snow and cloud formations. Through these creative visualizations Ferguson seeks to connect on a deep level with audiences in a timeless fashion. "My photography is based on inspirations from the beauty that surrounds us," he explains. "I want my art and my visions to be not only seen but experienced by the viewers of today and the viewers of tomorrow."

Press release used with the permission and courtesy of Agora Art Gallery, the staff, and the director:

Agora Art Gallery

Miss Angela Di Bello 

530 West 25h Street, Chelsea,

New York, New York