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Art Photography By R John Ferguson

A summer vacation to Florida led to the birth of "Nice Shoes


    Our son at age 12 while in Florida on vacation with us and his best friend J. K.; watched a young lady emerge from the ocean at Daytona Beach and her top popped open exposing a very rare sighting on the beach. I heard some chuckling from our son and his friend and imagined at their age they only saw a funny embarrassing moment for a grown up. My wife and I passed this off and thought no more about it.

     Later at a beach shop I overheard them talking about “NICE SHOES” I looked over the top of the counter that separated us and much to my surprise they were snickering as they turned the pages of a popular gentleman’s magazine.. With each page they turned I heard “Nice Shoes” accompanied with their snickering and soft laughter.

     That evening during dinner at our beach front motel and restaurant; the young lady that popped her top and shared her beauty for all to see; came in and as she passed I looked at our son and J. K. and said: hey fellas: "Nice shoes" pure redness and big grins were seen and Marla (my wife) said I don't get it. I told her that is OK the boys do. Recently I found these shoes saw these and immediately thought about those alleged “Nice shoes” the boys saw and adored. As fate would have it they were a perfect fit for a different form of Cinderella and for the record she looks great in blue.
The shoes are featured here without the young lady; but when she fashioned them I could only think to myself: “Nice Shoes” and for the record she did not fashion them on her feet!

Erikka Gerri L.