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Art Photography By R John Ferguson

S.Y.S. her name is "Sis" the unwanted Irish wolfhound!

August of 2008 Sys, Trooper, and two young sisters named Katie and Sarah were to begin a new saga, however; the new saga fell by the wayside as Trooper and I took a fall just before the photo shoot. Trooper has been featured in many stories, at many art exhibits, and is a permanent image in the Indiana Historical Society’s art collection. Sys has never been the focal point of one of the short stories or artworks and following last year’s fiasco I decided to feature Sys in a short story and create a lasting memento of her presence. 
     Nearly sixteen months following the scrapped new saga, I was trying to envision a story that was fitting of Sys and would give all who read the story a chance to know Sys. Finally, it came to me like a bolt. The only fitting story to put Sys in; is her own story. From the beginning of her life, it seemed as if she was unwanted, we tried to find her a new home, all the people that looked at her did not want her and we were trying to place her elsewhere seeming much like we did not want her. Many wanted Trooper and a few wanted the lad we called Scout. Sys had pretty much convinced everyone that she belonged here and under no circumstances was she going anywhere else to live.
          The thought of featuring Sys in a story about a trio of Irish wolfhounds was very possible. There are two neighboring wolfies named MacGregor and Jane Eyre we could use, however; Sys stared at me many times and I believe she was telling me she wanted to be the center of our story as she is the center of our world. From her stares, her swagger, and her grand strutting self, the short story; “Unwanted” came to life in my mind. The next part of this story was to feature Sys with someone that has never been featured in any short story, portion of the saga, or art exhibit. To be featured with Sys, we wanted a person that was looked up to by her peers much as we hold the noble Irish wolfhound in high esteem. While in Farmersburg Indiana we met a young lady  that plays softball and volleyball for her high school, her name is Hannah. She too has a swagger to her walk and with her youth, tenacity, and beauty Hannah is the perfect person to accompany Sys and become part of her story and grandeur. 
     As you read this and look at their images I hope this reminds you of memories and stories of your wolfies, People who have been blessed to have an Irish wolfhound in their life know there truly is no such thing as an unwanted wolfhound. Sys just started out with her own way of telling all how much everyone wanted her. Sometimes as a human I am slow to absorb what is being told to me. Sys speaks very loudly with her eyes and I hope you share a moment in her life through this testament of her being. Perhaps; if Sys wants; she may return in a new saga. 
By the way; S. Y. S. is an acronym for her way of walking. Every time she exited the house she would instantly begin her walk and we would tell her: “Sys,
Strut Your Stuff and boys, girls, and people of all ages; she truly strutted!

S. Y. S. our lady remembered

Painted by C. Robert Follett from a photo I took after SYS rooted out a mole even through the snow!

She is missed!